natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, chosen for historic St. Mary's Church in Ireland



CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate was chosen for refurbishing back St. Mary's Church (Carrick-on Shannon, Ireland) to its former glory.

Our CUPA Campo natural slate was considered the ideal choice for the roofing material of this Gothic style church because of its strength and natural beauty. Overall 12,000 natural slates were used on the intricate roof design at St. Mary’s.


st-mary-churchCUPA Campo is a blue grey slate with a smooth surface and non-rusting metallic particles.

Ideal for Ireland’s Atlantic weather, it is resilient to the elements and is available in a thickness of 5.5mm and 8 mm for the Heavy variant.

Suitable for both modern and traditional buildings, our Cupa Campo natural slate complements and harmonises with the rest of the church and surrounding architecture perfectly.


st-mary-churchDesigned by distinguished Dublin architect, W. H Hague, St. Mary’s Church is steeped in history and attracts a large number of visitors. 

The charitable efforts of the community helped secure funding for a new roof and additional on-going restoration work.

It was important to retain St. Mary’s historic characteristics, whilst ensuring a long-lasting quality refurbishment.

We are proud our CUPA Campo natural slate helps St. Mary’s continues to be a part of Carrick-on-Shannon’s historic environment.