natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate covers restored houses in Kitakami Town, hit by the Japan Earthquake


CUPA NATURAL SLATECUPA PIZARRAS covers restored houses in Kitakami Town (Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture), hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the north eastern coast of Japan.

Our CUPA 10 natural slate was chosen for roofing this project in order to retain de exterior of time-honored indigenous houses.


CUPA NATURAL SLATECUPA 10 natural slate is a blue-black slate with a smooth surface, split to a thickness of 3.5mm and 5mm, with 7-8mm options for the Heavy variety.

Our CUPA 10 natural slate is available in rectangular and rounded formats.

K-engine Project, the Shirahama housing project, was carried out using donations given for the 125th anniversary of Kokugakuin University. They had been working on building rehabilitation houses in Kitakami Town since June 2011.


CUPA NATURAL SLATEOf the 11 buildings, 10 are individual residences and the two-story wooden building is for joint use as a community center.

Permanent houses for rehabilitation were buildt on a hill 50-60 meters above the sea level, commanding a vast view of the Pacific Ocean, with no threat of a new tsunami.

As they were completed, a ceremony to move into them was held in November 2011.


CUPA NATURAL SLATEWooden houses are flexible and can be extended or reconstructed in step with changes in family structures.

This project contributed to both the local economy and the revitalization of Japan's forestry industry.

Shirahama Rehabilitation Houses helped afflicted people to start their new lives.

We are proud our CUPA 10 natural slate helped recover the original indigenous houses of Kitakami Town.