natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate enhances the character of a traditional home in Frederiksberg


CUPA natural slate

CUPA PIZARRAS covers a beautiful house constructed in Denmark in 1888. Located in Frederiksberg, a fashionable part of Copenhaguen, CUPA 12 natural slate provides a fantastic combination of aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability. Our dark grey natural slate respects the traditional character of this historical building, adorned with garlands and rosettes around its windows and ribbons.


Falk Tag & Facade, specialized in all types of exterior building renovation, did a great job installing our CUPA 12, a beautiful natural slate with smooth surface.

Split to an average thickness of 5 mm and 6 mm, natural slate enhances the beauty of the roof.

Available in a variey of finishes including a rough and elegant surface, CUPA 12 is very durable. Its natural properties and quality make it highly resistant.

CUPA natural slate

Frederiksberg, a council surrounded by Copenhagen, is the 5th largest of Denmark’s cities, but the smallest in surface area.

This island has a strong cultural and political identity forged from more than 150 years of independance from Copenhagen. We are proud our natural slate helps this historical house to be a part of Frederiksberg environment.