natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate highlights the white facade of Leva Castle in Belgium



CUPA PIZARRAS covers Leva Castel (Kasteel Leva), located in the Belgian town of Alken (Limburg).

Our CUPA 5 natural slate highlights the white facade of the building, a small part of Belgium's national heritage. The roof, with a total suface of 250 square meters, was restored by our Belgian partners Vrijens in 2012.


CUPA 5 is a pale grey slate with a riven surface, which lends itself to modern architecture as well as heritage projects.

It is split to an average thickness of 5mm and between 7-8mm for the Heavy variant, and is available in a variety of formats such as square, rectangular, half moon, scallop, schuppen, spitzort, spitzwinkel, rounded and rustic. 



Leva Castel was built in 1938. The project, designed by architect R. Gauthier, included the construction of a building with a square base and round windows in the different facades.

Today, the castle is surrounded by a magnificent English-style landscape park.