natural slate roofing

CUPACLAD™ installation process for ventilated façades in natural slate


CUPACLAD™ is a group of ventilated façade systems with CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate. CUPACLAD™ solutions are lightweight, easy to install and help to creat a modern building appearance.

The natural slate chosen for our systems specially selected to meet the requirements of a façade cladding. You can see CUPACLAD™ installation process in this video:

Firstly, we create a wooden ventilated structure with horizontal battens. The horizontal battens are fixed over the vertical battens, which are mechanically fixed to the wall, allowing a ventilated cavity. Then, you have to instalate the perimeter trim and chart the installation guidelines. Finally you can install the natural slate pieces and fix them with special stainless steel screws.

For more information, download  CUPACLAD™ catalogue.