natural slate roofing

How to install THERMOSLATE™ for a natural slate solar pitched roofing


THERMOSLATE-installationCUPA PIZARRAS has developed the first natural slate solar thermal colletor in the world combining energy efficiency and total architectural integration. THERMOSLATE™ is a unique and innovative solution which combines the quality and performance of slate with the efficiency of renewable energies. 

The THERMOSLATE™ assembly procedure is straightforward and quick in comparison to traditional slate roofs plus the solar collector:

THERMOSLATE: auxiliary integration piece1. Auxiliary integration piece: it allows you to connect the thermal solar panel with the rest of the cells.

THERMOSLATE™ can be connected in series or in parallel, forming batteries.

The number of solar cells connected in the two cases will depend on the installation site and conditions.

THERMOSLATE: first solar cell battery2. First solar cell THERMOSLATE™ in the battery: the solar cell surface can be multiplied by connecting the solar cell batteries in parallel.

The first panel is fitted to the base part and screwed to the roof substrate. Parallel connection of batteries increases the final performance of the system.

THERMOSLATE: second solar cell connection3. Second and successive solar cells connection: parallel connections can be made with internal connections between solar cells or by using external flow pipes.In the case of installations requiring parallel battery connection, a distance must be determined between batteries to allow the whole solar cell system to be properly architecturally integrated. The space required is calculated depending on the length of the slates and the thickness f the hooks used.

THERMOSLATE: integration with traditional roof4. Integration with traditional roof: for optimum operation of all batteries in the system, assembly must be carried out in such a way that they are hydraulically balanced.

The hydraulic balance of a complete system of THERMOSLATE™ is obtained in two different ways: balancing valves or connecting batteries with the same number of solar cells and using a reverse return pipe design.

THERMOSLATE: auxiliary component to attach at top5. Auxiliary component to attach at top: the minimum additional elements that must be included are pipe safety valve to prevent burns in the case of discharge, air release valve at the exit from each battery and shut-off valves at the entrance and exit to each battery to make maintenance and repair operations easier.

A southward orientation of the solar cell is recommended.  The solar cell can be installed at between 0º and 90º.

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