natural slate roofing

Natural slate: new possibilities to architectural design on roofs and facades



Natural slate is one of the most versatile natural products used in architectural designs. Its sophistication, resistance and durability give the surface involved a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life. Present throughout the history of mankind, natural slate is a classic and irreplaceable element on the roofs and facades of buildings. 

Natural slate provides us infinite possibilities, facilitating the creation of sophisticated and functional environments. The reliability and beauty of the products make it the ideal solution for architectural purposes. But most important is that this evolution hasn't stop, we are still coming across new possibilities with that timeless material.


CUPA PIZARRAS has just developed a system for ventilated façades clad in natural slate, the most durable and affordable product for construction. 

CUPACLAD™ solutions are lightweight, easy to install and they help to create a modern building appearance. In new constructions and in renovation works, CUPACLAD™ systems can be adapted to every architectural design.

CUPA PIZARRAS has just developed a solar panel made of natural slate, capable of providing enough DHW to heat swimming pools. It combines energy efficiency and total architectural integration. 

THERMOSLATE™ is a unique and innovative solution which combines the quality and performance of slate with the efficiency of renewable energies.

Natural slate is a timeless and durable material that despite the fact of being natural and only subject of transformation, it still gives you a world of possibilities to cover any need or circumstance in architectural design. Its character and beauty make it the ideal solution for architectural purposes.