natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, a timeless rustic look to St. Mary's Church in Ohio


St Mary Church with CUPA 98 natural slateCUPA 98 natural slate was installed on the roof of the St. Mary's Church, located in Tiffin (85 S. Sandusky St, Ohio 44883). Our dark grey slate with thin laminations and a riven surface fits in well with this catholic parish, founded on 1831. 

The natural slate restoration of St. Mary Church used our CUPA 98 Heavy (40x25), exclusive hand-quarried 7-9mm thick natural slates. Heavy slates have given St. Mary Church a unique and timeless rustic look. Suitable for both modern and traditional buildings, CUPA 98 harmonises with the rest of the surrounding architecture in the small town of Tiffin.

Ideal for Ohio's severe weather conditions, cold temperatures and high winds, CUPA 98 natural slate is resilient to the elements.

CUPA PIZARRAS, the world leader in natural slate, extracts a wide range of natural slates from different quarries, available in multiple shapes and sizes. Using cutting-edge production and quality controls, we roduce unique, globally recognized natural slates that meet or exceed all international standards.


CUPA 98 natural slateProud of its heritage, Tiffin has recovered an important monument of its religious heritage. St. Mary Church is steeped in history and attracts a large number of visitors each year. The restoration work included an addictional on-going restoration work.

The architecture of St. Mary's is stunning in its beauty, featuring three magnificent stained glass rose windows. The former organ was an all-pipe instrument that was a conglomeration of pipe ranks from a number of different builders.

It was important to retain St. Mary's historic characteristics, whilst ensuring a long-lasting quality refurbishment. We are proud our CUPA 98 natural slate helps this church continues to be a part of Tiffin's historic environment.

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