natural slate roofing

THERMOSLATE can help you to get a near net-zero energy building


slate roof solar collector

Are you thinking of optimizing your home efficiency with a renewable energy source but don’t want to give up to an elegant natural design?

THERMOSLATE® is the first and only solar thermal collector in natural slate combining energy efficiency and a total architectural integration. Itis simple to install and involves practically no maintenance whatsoever.

What is a near Net Zero Energy Building?

A net-zero energy (NZE) building is one that relies on renewable sources to produce as much energy as it uses. But the net-zero target is really challenging. Homes and other structures creating almost as much energy as they need are usually called near-zero energy buildings.

But, can your home become a NZE building?

The key to get it is first reducing energy demand as much as possible, and then choosing renewable energy sources.

slate solar panel save energy


THERMOSLATE is a unique and innovative solar thermal collector which combines the quality and performance of slate with the efficiency of renewable energies and almost zero maintenance.

It is is an integrated solution for facades and roofs (sloped and flat), which generates energy for the production of heat, sanitary hot water, and for heating swimming pools. This solar thermal system was designed to deal with aesthetic involved in restoring historic buildings and monuments, as well as unique buildings and dwellings, with the aim of promoting the qualities and functionalities of a natural product par excellence, slate.


  • You will cover 2/3 of annual hot water requirements
  • There is no maintenance required
  • You get to recover the cost of your roof from day one

For further information about THERMOSLATE, download the brochure