natural slate roofing

CUPA Heavy 3™ natural slate, the ideal roof covering solution for 3 homes in Gleneagles


CUPA Heavy 3™ natural slate

High quality finish of CUPA Heavy 3™ natural slate was the ideal roof covering solution for three unique and exclusive mansions in Gleneagles (Scotland).

Our natural slate was the most appropriate product for roofing, sympathetic to the surroundings.

CUPA HEAVY 3™ slate is dark-grey with a slightly gritty texture, and in some samples well defined parallel lines are clearly visible on the cleavage surfaces.

Our CUPA Heavy 3 ™ natural slates are available in the following sizes: 30x20cm (12x8”); 35x20cm (14x8”); 40x20cm (16x8”); 40x25cm (16x10”) and 50x25cm (20x10”)

CUPA Heavy 3™ natural slate

Situated off the King’s Course at Gleneagles, this highly sought after development consists of three unique and exclusive mansions that are rumoured to be worth circa £1m.

With this in mind, only materials with a high quality finish were used on this development placing Heavy 3™ as the ideal roof covering solution.

Crucial to achieving planning permission for a project of this type was the use of materials that are sympathetic to the surroundings, again making Heavy 3 ™ the most appropriate choice, given its similarity to indigenous Scottish slate.

CUPA Heavy 3 natural slate

Gleneagles is synonymous with the game of golf and, since 1919, the King’s Course has tested the aristocracy of golf, both professional and amateur.

The Palace in the Glen”, as it is known, is only a one hour motorway drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow and is one of the leading luxury golf and spa hotels in Scotland.

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