natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate covers Saint Peter's Church in Wintershoven


church of st peter

CUPA PIZARRAS covers Saint Peter's Church, located in the Belgian town of Wintershoven (Limburg, Belgium). The roof, with a total surface of 800 square meters, was restored in 2012 with our CUPA 4 natural slate, which highlights its natural stone facade.


church st pierreCUPA 4  is a blue-black slate with a smooth surface. Our natural slate is split to an average thickness of 3.5 and 5mm. It is available in several formats, including rectangular, cut shoulders, fish scale and rounded. Saint Peter's Church was restored by our Belgian partners, Renotec (Geel).


church saint peterSaint Peter's Church is the oldest historical monument in Wintershoven. This romanesque-gothic church was built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Roman baptismal fonts are kept in the temple.

Saint Amand founded there a church and a monastery in 647. Inside, you can see the saints of the Belgian city of Wintershoven and one Celtic sacrificial altar.