natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, the most durable and resistant roofing product


CUPA HEAVY 3Used since roman times, natural slate is an outstanding material that has stood the test of time. Extraordinary long-lived, remarkably durable, fire resistant and naturally waterproof, natural slate is simply the highest quality roofing product.

CUPA natural slateA natural slate roofing has a service life of greater than 100 years, with a little maintenance. Furthermore, natural slate is resistant to degradation regardless of climatic conditions.

Joan Walsh, Consultant Geologist and leading expert on natural slate, highlights the low carbon emissions, the great durability and the low environmental impact of our natural slate. 

According to Walsh‘s article Natural slate: a green roofing mediumwe should take into consideration the following factors when choosing a environmentally friendly roofing material.

CUPA natural slate

Joan Walsh emphasizes our CUPA Heavy 3 which has service life of greater than 100 years, Good quality slates, with the potential to last over a hundred years, are one of the best environmental choices for a roofing material.

Furthermore, natural slate provides numerous economic advantages, given it is a 100% sustainable product and involves practically no maintenance costs at all. The cost and environmental impact should be measured over the service life of the product; the greater the durability the lower the impact.