natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, the perfect choice for roofing restoration of a building in Denmark


Rehabilitation with CUPA natural slateCUPA PIZARRAS natural slate was the perfect choice for roofing rehabilitation to this historic building in Frederiksberg, a district of Copenhagen (Denmark). Our CUPA 12 restored this beautiful property from 1888 (Steen Blichers Vej 2, Frederiksberg), with a facade adorned with garlands and rosettes.


The old roofing material has been replaced by CUPA natural slate. Falk Tag & Facade has installed new windows on the facade.

Our natural slate recreates the look of traditional roofs, rectangular and with a rough surface.

CUPA 12 merge harmoniously into the landscape as well as an urban environment.

Rehabilitation with CUPA natural slate


Durable, sophisticated and versatile, natural slate is used in architectural design. Its beauty, resistance and durability give this roofing a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life. CUPA natural slate remains unchanged over the years. Our slates provide numerous economic advantages because it is a 100% sustainable product and involve practically no maintenance costs.

Rehabilitation with CUPA natural slate

Frederiksberg, a council surrounded by Copenhagen, is the 5th largest of Denmark’s cities, but the smallest in surface area. This island has a strong cultural and political identity forged from more than 150 years of independance from Copenhagen.