natural slate roofing

CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate restores Antwerp's old Law Courts in Belgium


Antwerp's old Law CourtsThe 1,000 square meters roof of the the Antwerp's old Law Courts (Belgium) is covered by CUPA PIZARRAS. This beautiful 19th century red brick building uses CUPA 4 natural slate because of its standardized thickness. 


Antwerp's old Law Courts

CUPA 4  is a blue-black slate with a smooth surface, split to an average thickness of 3.5 and 5mm.

It is available in several formats, including rectangular, cut shoulders, fish scale and rounded.

The Antwerp's old Law Courts was restored by our Belgian partners, Costermans.


Antwerp's old Law CourtsThe old Law Courts, built in 1877, are housed in a monumental building with neo-Renaissance elements by the architects and brothers, Lode and Frans Baeckelmans. The architectural design drew inspiration from the Louvre in Paris. The bronze monuments at the entrance symbolize 'law' and 'justice'. The building was extended in 1911 and 1929 due to a lack of space.

In 2006 the city decided to move most of the departments to the new Law Courts in Bolivarplaats.