natural slate roofing

How to install THERMOSLATE® in six steps


CUPA PIZARRAS has developed the first natural slate solar thermal roof panel in the world, one which combines energy efficiency and total architectural integration: THERMOSLATE® is a unique and innovative solution which combines the quality and performance of slate with the efficiency of renewable energies. 

The THERMOSLATE® installation process is straightforward and quick in comparison to traditional slate roofs plus the solar collector:


THERMOSLATE1- Auxiliary component to attach at bottom. The base part allows the solar thermal panel to be positioned with the rest of the roof.

2- First THERMOSLATE® panel. It is fitted to the base part and screwed to the roof substrate.

3- Consecutive panels and joining them. The panels are connected by screwing a pin between fittings.


4- Auxiliary component to attach at top in order to attach the thermal solar panel to the rest of the roof.

5- Integration using traditional fitting system. Simple assembly procedure for the fitter.

6- Side trim. It provides a finish for solar installations mounted at the end of the roof.

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