natural slate roofing

THERMOSLATE™ provides 50% of annual energy consumption to a home in UK


THERMOSLATE in Hampshire

The natural slate solar panel, THERMOSLATE™, provides 50% of annual energy consumption to a private home located in Overton (Hampshire, UK).

Only 7 solar collectors were necessary to achive an annual electricity saving of 1,810kWh.

THERMOSLATE™ produces energy for DHW (domestic hot water) with a 200 litre tank.

Moreover, our solar roofing system demonstrates the high efficiency of renewable energies, with 1,210 kg annual reduction in CO2 emissions.

THERMOSLATE, a natural slate panel

Our natural slate solar panels fit in well with the rest of the roof covered by our CUPA 12, range R Excellence 50x25, split to an average thickness of 5 mm.

Easy and quick to lay, CUPA natural slate is the result of a rigorous selection composed exclusively of slates of a highly regular thickness and great flatness.

THERMOSLATE™ takes full advantage of the natural absorption and diffusion properties of natural slate.


THERMOSLATE, a natural slate panel

Each THERMOSLATE™ panel weighs 24.5 kg, which reduces installation times and the final weight of the roof.

Compatible with any energy storage and distribution system and with any type of boiler, our natural slate solar panels are prepared in accordance with international regulations.

THERMOSLATE™ can be easily installed in iconic buildings and monuments or small houses. 

The installation of the THERMOSLATE™ solar thermal system designed for sloped natural slate roofs can generate sufficient energy to meet the heating and hot-water needs of a single-family dwelling anywhere in United Kingdom.

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