natural slate roofing

THERMOSLATE® reduces energy consumption by up to 85%



THERMOSLATE®, the first natural slate solar panel, helps you save annually up to 85% of energy consumption, thanks to the natural slate's absorbing and diffusion properties.

Our panel, which produces energy for DHW (domestic hot water) and heating, achieves energy savings between 65% and 85% through its waterproofing system adapted to severe weather zones.

With THERMOSLATE® you can recover the installation costs in a period of 3-5 years.


THERMOSLATEADAPTATION TO REGIONS WITH LESS HOURS OF SUN: our panel increases the contribution of energy during periods of lower radiation and it allows for constant operation throughout the year.

LIGHTWEIGHT: each THERMOSLATE® panel weighs 24.5 kg, which reduces installation times and the final weight of the roof.



All these technological improvements have been endorsed by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), a renowned public institution that evaluates new constructive solutions in France.

THERMOSLATE® combines energy efficiency with aesthetic architectural integration and almost zero maintenance.

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