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Here you will find the most common questions related to natural slate and our selection of products.

Technical questions

Dimensions of the solar panels:
  • THS 3222.S07 (hook) 2458x645x37 mm
  • THS 3222.S10 (hook) 2458x605x37 mm
  • THS 5025.S10 (nail) 2267x743x37 mm
  • THS 4022.S11 (hook) 2458x745x37 mm
  • THS 4020.P (flat) 1200x800x35 mm
Pitched roof requirements?

To guarantee water tightness we do not recommend a pitch roof lower than 20º.

Is the THERMOSLATE technical solar floor waterproof?
Yes, the technical solar floor is installed on watertight external areas (flat roofs / balconies).
Can the THERMOSLATE technical solar floor be stepped on? If yes, what is the maximum weight allowed on it?

Yes, the THERMOSLATE technical solar floor has been designed to be installed outside (for example on balconies) and can be stepped on / walked on. The maximum weight is 300kg/m2.

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