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CUPA PIZARRAS named CES Approved Provider for the American Institute of Architects


CUPA, AIA CES Approved ProviderCUPA PIZARRAS has been approved as a course provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES), that offers quality continuing education to members and other design professionals worldwide. CUPA PIZARRAS USA Inc. company will deliver the course Natural Slate: Efficiency & Performance Eco-Friendly Roofing Solution.

Designation as an AIA CES Approved Provider indicates recognition by the AIA of our course as meeting the required standards. CES Approved Providers are organizations that have been approved by AIA's leadership to provide continuing education to AIA members.

CUPA natural slate

As we had already written on our blog, CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate is the most environmentally friendly roofing material. Our course about natural slate will develop the low carbon emissions, the great durability and the low environmental impact of our products for roofing. AIA members who complete the course will learn how CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate has achieved an A+ rating for the lowest environmental impact in the BRE Green guide to Specification.

According to the AIA website, the CES mission is to support members in mastering new knowledge and skills to meet the changing requirements of the profession and to responsibly meet the role society entrusts to architects. AIA supports its continuing education mission through CES Approved Providers, who are required to consistently deliver quality education courses for architects.


CUPA PIZARRAS USA Inc. company is located in New Jersey (1 University Plaza, Suite 309,  Hackensack, NJ – 07601, USA) and just a few minutes away from New York. A new team of qualified professionals are able to supply the USA and Canada roofing slate markets. We lead the world in natural slate production with our 16 quarries and 22 processing plants where we combine the latest technology with our traditional know-how and craftsmanship.


Based in Washington D.C., the AIA has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, allied partners since 1857. The AIA serves as the voice of the architecture profession and continuing education resource for its members. 

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