natural slate roofing

Natural slate for the artisan grocery Enzo's Market on Chattanooga’s Southside



CUPA PIZARRAS covers Enzo's Market's roofing and facade, a full service artisan grocery and café located on Chattanooga's Southside (Tennessee, USA).

Our natural slate siding gives this project a strong personality. Commissioned by Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects and buildt by TU Parks Construction and March Adams, Enzo's Market was opened the last May 10.

ENZO'S MARKETThe natural slate highlights the exterior material palette, which includes retain retaining walls and clear anodized aluminum entry canopies.

The loading dock bussel is also clad with natural slate.

A heavy timber trellis with painted galvanized steel purlins and standing seam roof panels provides shade and shelter for clients on the dining terrace. A wood rainscreen encloses the recycling and rubbish holding area.

The existing concrete masonry walls are painted a rich brown color in keeping with recent work in the area. Along with the addition of skylights on the roof, several openings are added to the walls creating bringing natural light deep into the spaces with in. The interior of the café and entry at Enzo’s is clad with wood slats creating a warm interior. 

Enzo’s Market is an artisan grocery store, which offers a variety of organic and local products focused on quality, service and selection. The store also boasts a full-service café, coffee shop and wine section. The name 'Enzo' does not reflect an actual person but rather represents a philosophy: a method of sourcing, preparing, and merchandising foods based on the traditions of southern Europe.

For more information, check Enzo's Market's website.

You can also visit Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects site.