Purchasing Policy

The following purchasing policy is the general guideline that establishes the basis for the determination of the conditions and criteria followed by Cupa Pizarras for the awarding of projects. In accordance with the Group's Code of Conduct and the Principles contained therein, the Procurement and Contracting Awards will be guided by the following principles:

  • In all areas and levels of action, strict compliance and current legislation must be complied with.
  • The customer as the center of the company: Each contract will ultimately aim to supply the productive supply and the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Innovation as a way forward: For every price, the value contribution in terms of innovation and development will be valued, offering the best product quality.
  • Operational excellence as a standard practice: Supplier selection will be based on the principles of simultaneity, integrity, confidentiality, honesty, transparency and professionalism. The arbitrations will be made according to the criteria of necessity, adequacy and quality.
  • People as architects of success: Our professionals will ensure the traceability of the purchase process and the requirement of the acquired commitments.
  • Sustainability to ensure permanence in time: Our suppliers must comply with the requirements of business ethics, the environment and respect for human rights. Priority will be given to suppliers who have better performance and implement solutions in terms of dust eradication, workplace safety and sanitary.

Our purchasing department will ensure compliance with the principles outlined above, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, quality, innovation and sustainability.

The Purchasing Policy is mandatory for all activity centers, company employees and companies of the group that intervene, at any time, in any of the processes; evaluation, approval, negotiation or award processes, markets of goods, products and services.

D. Eduardo Mera
General Director of CUPA PIZARRAS