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Here you will find the most common questions related to natural slate and our selection of products.

Rentability and Performance

How much will THERMOSLATE payback?

The payback will vary between geographical areas as the system is dependant on solar radiation. It also depends on the number of people in the household as this will affect the amount of energy required.

We provide a THERMOSLATE calculator where the payback can be calculated.

What is the percentage of hot water and heating generated with THERMOSLATE?

The THERMOSLATE output is dependent on the geographical location of the building and characteristics in that area as well as the roof pitch. On average, the panels usually cover between 30-70% of the annual requirements.

Will shadows on the building affect the performance of THERMOSLATE?

Our engineers will assess the building taking into consideration any trees or objects blocking sunlight from the thermal solar panels. Any objects in the way will reduce the solar radiation and THERMOSLATE performance.

Can rain or snow affect the performance of THERMOSLATE?

The system requires direct solar radiation therefore, if weather conditions limit this then the full efficiency won’t be reached.

Is there any government tax schemes which help with the THERMOSLATE installation?

Government tax schemes may differ per country, you will need to look on the government website to see what applies in your location.

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