Thanks to its unique technical properties and its natural beauty, slate is suitable for any kind of project. CUPA PIZARRAS is the natural choice for architects and our commitment to quality has led us to become the world leader in natural slate

Slate made for Architects

Its natural properties and unique textures have inspired architects around the world to create one of a kind projects where natural slate shines out with its own light.

Thanks to our commitment to quality, our trust has been won by thousands of architects who reaffirm our leadership in the natural slate field.

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When choosing materials and building solutions, architects always look for the utmost quality and best aesthetics.

Our 20 quarries and 24 production plants allow us to offer any type of natural slate for roofing or façades, making our selection the most complete in the market today.

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Our natural slate excels all international quality standards and is guaranteed by the most important international certifications: ASTM, NF, ATG, BBA.

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Throughout our more than 125 years of experience we have been under constant search of new more efficient and sustainable production processes, making us world leaders in natural slate. This is why 1 of every 2 pieces of slate in the world has our name.

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Unlike other brands, we in CUPA PIZARRAS produce and transform the natural slate in our own quarries and processing plants. This allows us to offer any type of natural slate for roofing or façade.

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We have the largest slate reserves available to us, therefore, ensuring the continuity and availability of any of our products. This will prevent any colour or texture variations caused when different types of slate are used.

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Due to its natural properties, slate only needs to be mined and hand crafted. No additional treatments needed. This substantially reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

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Technical Support

In CUPA PIZARRAS there is an experienced team in natural slate available to you to advise you throughout your project development process.

Furthermore, there is a team of consultants, specialists in slate, who are at your complete disposal to organise a visit to our company and to introduce you to our products.

Architectural solutions with slate

Slate is the best roofing and façade material known to man.

Slate is 100% natural, durable and resistant in comparison to any other artificial alternative. Clad your home the right way!

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Roofing slates

its quality, wide range and easy installation is what makes our natural slate the ideal alternative for your projects, whether a renovation or a new construction, being more resistant than any artificial alternative.

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The new CUPACLAD natural slate systems for facades are light and easy to install. It is the competitive and sustainable alternative and could be used in a new construction, in a restoration or a renovation, CUPACLAD systems are adaptable to any architectural design.

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Thanks to the development towards a more sustainable architecture, our solar collectors are born. In addition to improving the power efficiency, it can also be adapted aesthetically to any project.

Support for Architects

Our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of thousand architects, installers and clients.

We are world leaders thanks to you. Our team of 1500 experienced professionals are focused on offering you the best service possible.

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Specifier department

Our slate professionals are at the disposal of architects to organize meetings or visits to our quarries, launch new products and support the entire specification process.

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Technical support

Our technical support team is made up of skilled professionals who are dedicated to each of our products: Natural Slate, CUPACLAD® and THERMOSLATE®. It offers the customer a consultancy service where all of your questions will be answered.

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Social networks

Our objective is to inform, listen and establish a relationship with our clients. If you have any questions, we are here to help you.

Looking for a distributor or installer? Provide us with the project location and we put you in touch with your nearest distributor / installer.

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Case studies

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