The CUPA PIZARRAS quality system goes beyond international standards and is based on decades of experience in the production of slate for roofing and cladding


All the quarries have been approved in accordance with the highest domestic and international certifications:


CUPA PIZARRAS possesses a unique and comprehensive quality control system, which enables us to identify and provide information on the origin and history of each of our products.

Our traceability procedure involves a bar code placed on each pallet to indicate it has passed the production inspection and quality control. This is a unique personalised process to ensure the clear and precise identification of each pallet: the results of tests and trials performed, the name of the quarry, the model and size of the slate, the number of items, the name of the technician in charge of packaging, and, and subsequently, the marketing of the same (country of delivery, the location of the site, customer...).