Looking for holiday destination? 11 summer houses with natural slate

Summer has arrived and although it hasn’t been a typical year, with many plans being cancelled or postponed, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it and embrace this time for a well-deserved break.

Let’s look to the future and get some holiday inspiration through exploring some truly stunning properties that have adopted the use of natural slate to enhance its beauty.

Beyond the traditional choice of beaches and mountains abroad, there are also some country house options that have become more appealing over the last weeks as we opt for ‘staycations’.

If you had the choice, which spectacular holiday location would you pick?

  1. Otterup (Denmark)

    Option one is the beachfront in Denmark. CUPACLAD is the ideal system for the façade of this house located in the Otterup region, thanks to its resistance to corrosion and performance against the oceanic climate. As long as you don’t mind North Sea’s cold temperature, this is the place for you.

  2. Fernandina Beach Retreat (Florida, United States)

    The promenade mixes the iconic palm trees, the colourful fashion of the locals and the dynamism of CUPACLAD Random. An exotic choice with hundreds of kilometres of beaches that will delight any surfing lover.

    Fernandina Beach

  3. Hydro Hotel (United Kingdom)

    Spa, buffet breakfast and all the amenities that a beachfront hotel can have. Our HEAVY 3 slate protects the building against the harsh Scottish weather. Thanks to its extraordinary performance and durability, you only have to care about one thing: relaxing.Hydro Hotel

  4. Gaillagos (France)

    The Pyrenees is the ideal destination for those who want to get away from the heat. Slate roofing is part of the traditional design of the area, however, the owners of this house went one step further when they installed Thermoslate roof solar collectors, which allow them to save more than 60% in the water heating bills.

  5. Los Huertos (Spain)

    A few kilometers further, crossing the border into Spain, we find Sallent de Gállego. This building covered in natural slate hosts ten apartments, a wonderful base location from which you can hike to landmarks like Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.
    Los Huertos Housing

  6. La Massana (Andorra)

    If you want to stay within the mountains, this single-family home in Andorra is for you. Its bold design is finished with CUPACLAD, creating a contemporary hideaway where you can enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

    La Massana

  7. Zen Garden (Hungary)

    If camping is your passion, check out the Zen Garden which is located on the shore of Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Central Europe. The tents have been replaced by these alpine houses, which are more comfortable and have an elegant appearance thanks to the natural slate.
    Zen Garden

  8. Rang Nui House (New Zealand)

    You want to get away from it all during your holidays? Then we suggest a house in the middle of the New Zealand countryside is the best place for you. Here they are also learning that natural slate is the best material for roofing known to man.

    Rang Nui House

  9. Maison CP (France)

    Placed in the midst of a natural park, with a swimming pool and a contemporary design, what more can you ask for? This house design descends from the traditional slate gable roof which is typical of the architecture in Brittany, France.

    Maison CP

  10. Kuurne (Belgium)

    On Flanders fields, near the French border, this house is hidden the town of Kuurne. One of the hundreds of houses scattered in the idyllic landscape could be your next holiday destination. This way, you could spend your holidays enjoying the flowers like a Belgian local would.

  11. The Glebe (United Kingdom)

    125 hardy inhabitants live on the Scottish island of Iona. Thanks to HEAVY 3’s 100 year warranty, repairing the roof is one less thing to worry about and allows for more time to enjoy places like the historical Abbey nearby.

    The Glebe

Have you enjoyed these beautiful buildings? You can see more in our Projects section of our website. If you eager to know more about natural slate, we also can help you to discover its magnificent characteristics through our product information.