Advantages of the metallic structure of CUPACLAD® natural slate rainscreen cladding

CUPACLAD natural slate rainscreen cladding system has an aluminium structure, which offers a lot of advantages over other structures used in this kind of profiles, like a wooden one for example.

metallic structure for natural slate ventilated façade

Using an aluminium structure in this cladding system combines the efficiencies that rainscreen cladding brings with the advantages of aluminium properties, an ideal solution for a structure that holds the slates visible from the exterior. Here are some of those advantages:

A more resistant and lighter façade

The aluminium substructure allows you to achieve a lighter and more resistant façade than the wood substructure. Aluminium weight remains constant once installed. You are not required to include any tolerances for possible fluctuations or increases depending on the weather or the installation site.

Treatment and maintenance

Aluminium substructure requires almost no maintenance at all which reduces the maintenance costs. As wood usually presents problems such as rotting, mould formation, and can suffer from  damages from insects.

aluminium structure of the CUPACLAD® ventilated façade

Better performance against temperature changes

Metal performance is much better against the temperature fluctuations. Aluminium structures dilate and contract much less than wooden structures.

Fire resistance

Aluminium, like slate, is a non-combustible material. This combination offers an integral solution for the fire protection of the building’s outer layer. Whereas, wood requires significant treatments to reduce the combustion risk.

A faster installation

CUPACLAD is an all-in-one system (slate, profile and fixation) that reduces installation time, offering a simpler design and disposition of the pieces for the construction of the ventilated façade.

Better slate façade levelling

The metallic structure guarantees a better slate level, as it doesn’t have imperfections unlike a wooden batten. Therefore, the façade’s finishing is flatter and more uniform.

house facade ventilated facade

Compression and tension resistance

Aluminium compression and tension resistances are similar, which allows to conduct a linear analysis of the whole structure.  In the case of wood, tension resistance is twice of compression resistance, which makes more difficult to predict its performance in all circumstances.

Furthermore, our CUPACLAD® rainscreen cladding system offers different ventilated façade designs with visible and invisible fixings, as well as a series of innovative concepts of slate rainscreen cladding.