The French Ardesia Couverture are the winners of the Best of the Best 2023

winner Best of the Best 2023

Congratulations to the roofing company Ardesia Couverture who has been crowned as the best installers of the year. Their exceptional skills with natural slate have secured them the title of the first French champion of the Best of the Best, as decided by our followers’ votes.

In an exciting final, Ardesia Couverture has defeated the Spanish Cubiertas San Clemente, who came very close to the title, and the British Ross Clark Roofing.

This is the video with which Ardesia Couverture has managed to win the trophy:

As the defending champions – Scottish Compass Roofing – have done this year, the members of Ardesia Couverture will travel to La Medua (Spain) to see up close the process of extraction and transformation of our natural slate; an experience during which they will verify the care and attention with which we produce the products that they later install on the roofs.

During the first round, Ardesia Couverture prevailed in the French group over the companies Couverture Vincent, Étévé Couverture, Le Gall Couverture, Hémery Couverture, Toiture Service Morbihan, Daussy Couverture, and Toinouh Demarle.

The British group was the most competitive, but ultimately Ross Clark asserted their advantage over Compass Roofing, Munro Roofing, Ryan Edgar Roofing, Dean Aston Roofing, Yorkshire Heritage Roofing, RC Roofing, and RBC Roofing.

In the diverse international group, the Spaniards Cubiertas San Clemente secured a place in the final by overcoming the Belgians Roofline BV, KVL Dakwerken, and Titan Materiaux, the Danes Falk Tag & Facade, and the Spaniards Cupigal.

Do you want to participate in the Best of the Best 2024? If you have a good idea or a spectacular project with natural slate, you can start preparing your video. As always, the contest will be held in December. For any questions, you can contact