thermoslate solar panel

Slate roof solar panel

THERMOSLATE slate solar panel

CUPA GROUP has developed the first natural slate solar thermal roof panel in the world, one which combines energy efficiency and total architectural integration: THERMOSLATE® is a unique and innovative solution which combines the quality and performance of slate with the efficiency of renewable energies.

THERMOSLATE®, is the first and only natural slate solar panel that successfully combines energy efficiency with aesthetic architectural integration and almost zero maintenance.

THERMOSLATE® is an integrated solution for facades and roofs (sloped and flat), which generates energy for the production of heat, sanitary hot water, and for heating swimming pools. This system was designed to deal with aesthetic involved in restoring historic buildings and monuments, as well as unique buildings and dwellings, with the aim of promoting the qualities and functionalities of a natural product par excellence, slate.

The THERMOSLATE® solar roofing system enhances a building´s aesthetics and efficiency, is simple to install and involves practically no maintenance whatsoever.


The installation of the THERMOSLATE® solar thermal system designed for sloped natural slate roofs can generate sufficient energy to meet the heating and hot-water needs of a single-family dwelling anywhere in Spain.


The flat roof THERMOSLATE® solar thermal system is the ideal solution for hot-water and pool heating needs in dwellings which do not feature a sloped roof or which are located in regions which are hard to reach.