Natural slate

Beach or mountain? Natural slate can do it all!

Whenever you plan your long-awaited holidays, there is always one major decision to make: beach or mountain? Each of these destinations has its own personality with some pros and cons. Which side are you on?

beach vs mountain

Building and construction in both locations are designed differently due to climate, geography and lifestyle associated with each environment. As architecture can provide a reason for choice to choose destination, let’s analyse differences and similarities.

The two types of houses are designed to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and be closer to nature. And what happens with the construction materials? Some of them, such as natural slate, are perfectly suited to both.

In the world of architecture, there is no other material as versatile as natural slate.

Beach – Wave intensity

In coastal environments, the weather is usually hot. But this is not the worst of the elements for architects to consider. Corrosion from constant exposure to salty air deteriorates many building materials.

By contrast, natural slate shows the best resistance to salt spray aging. This means that natural slate does not change its appearance and properties over the years. This feature makes it the best aesthetic and practical solution for coastal environments.

beach house

Mountain – Rustic charm

In mountainous environments, the weather is usually milder in summer, but winters can be colder and with a lot of precipitation, rain and snow. That’s why buildings in these places use materials with good thermal insulation to keep the heat inside.

Furthermore, the roofs are sloped to assist drainage and to prevent snow accumulation.  Natural slate’s low water absorption and high freeze-thaw resistance make it the ideal material for this type of houses.

mountain house

Natural slate has the ability to adapt to the essence of both worlds, whether it is the gentle waves of the sea or the rugged mountain peaks. Those qualities make it a timeless material that brings personality and sophistication.

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