CUPACLAD Honeycomb: the delicious design which has come to life

honeycomb fachadas

The CUPACLAD Design Honeycomb is becoming increasingly popular. Over the last few months, we have seen some spectacular projects featuring this natural slate rainscreen cladding system which is inspired by nature. A perfect design for any unique modern architecture project!

The hexagons can be found everywhere in nature. From turtles’ shells to snowflakes and bees’ constructions. This shape inspired our conception team to create the CUPACLAD Design Honeycomb system.

This proposal, like all CUPACLAD Design concepts, is can easily be applied to all type of projects and through this article you can see some great examples:

honeycomb francia

Natural slate can be adapted to any architectural style, always providing a smart and elegant touch. This hexagonal composition opens a new world of possibilities.

brisis honeycomb

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During the last few months, the Honeycomb design has even reached Australia. This spectacular project was built to accommodate an entire community who is looking for a more sustainable way of life, closer to nature.

honeycomb slate australia

To better understand the installation of the system and all the technicalities, you can find the constructive sketches and detailed drawings here

The CUPACLAD Design project was born to stimulate architect’s creativity, an invitation to create new natural slate combinations. In fact, within CUPA PIZARRAS headquarters we have our technical team of architects to help them with create new ideas to inspire you.

cupaclad design honeycomb

You can explore our latest projects here and do not forget: if you have an idea, we are at your disposal to help you make your idea a reality.