Media Library in Monein, France

Monein (France)
500 m2
OECO Architectes
SARL Da Silva et Cie

With a population of 5,000, the town of Monein plays a major role in the development of the culture of the Lacq-Orthez region. This media library project was established in 2011 and launched in 2016, and it stands at the heart of the village to place the emphasis on culture.

Tradition and Vanguard

The media library is located in the Henri Lacabanne square, just where the ancient ‘Maison de Laü’ stood before. The building was bought by the Council, which opened a public tender in 2016 to reform it.

We were the only ones who proposed to maintain the original shed, and that decision probably was key to the election of our project”, explains Claire Furlan, member of the OECO Architect’s agency. “We thought that finding the coherence with the village and the Bearnaise houses surrounding the square was key”, continues.

The new media library has been conceived as an extension of the public square. A large window allows the viewing of the interior and highlights the shed, with its typical entrance arch, placed at the back of the plot.

mediatheque monein

Combining materials

The architectonic part brings together different materials and combines perfectly tradition and modernity. The old stoned shed has been preserved, adding new openings with a concrete frame and a wooden skeleton. A contemporary part embraces the old building with a metallic structure, all covered by slate roofing.

The slate allowed us to be coherent with the surroundings. Also, it’s also important for us to add value to the know-how and the local logic to achieve an integral construction”, recognizes the architect.

The media library is covered with dark slate, matching perfectly with the façade. “The company gave us some advice about the material’s size and quality”, confesses Claire Furlan. The enterprise Da Silva carried out the roofing job in just three months, when a total of 13.000 slates were used with a hook fixing method.

An original repertoire

Open since the beginning of the year, the 550 square meters of the new media library are fully equipped and adapted to the current needs of the residents: it’s a place open to the culture but alsoa space for citizens to socialize.

We wanted to make visible the activities developed inside the building to encourage people to participate. Therefore, the main façade’s window acts as a nexus of union between inside and outside and highlights the consultation room under the slate roof”, explains the architect.

Gastronomy is the thematic focus of the media library. The ground floor is occupied by a kitchen, where people take courses and the local associations promote the regional culinary heritage, like Jurançon’s wines and Ossau-Iraty’s cheese.

mediatheque Monein couverture en ardoise


Non-carbonated slate formed by tectonic compression. Dark grey slate with a smooth surface.


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