Custom built house is at home with CUPACLAD

Kara Pokorny of PKY Resources started representing CUPACLAD in the southwestern region of the states in 2018. She stated,

I was attracted to this unique product line because it brings the exterior facade “back to basics” in such a novel way. This system has the unique ability to be modern yet classic/cutting edge yet comfortable/refined yet relatable. There’s truly nothing else that marries beauty and history quite like slate.

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Pokorny’s clientele seem to be agreeing with her take on CUPACLAD, as well. She added,

In a time where options are essentially endless, slate offers a welcomed reprieve. Almost every building product available today can be made into any color, pattern, shape, size, etc. Slate doesn’t try to be something it’s not. People really appreciate this fact and can specify the product with confidence knowing that the material is time tested, sustainable, durable and beautiful.

And Pokorny advised,

Don’t limit yourself to what you may think you already know about slate. CUPACLAD pays homage to its historic roots while constantly innovating for the future. I’m very proud to call CUPACLAD my partner in bringing this amazing product to the South Texas marketplace.

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A key client of Pokorny’s is Dan Fawcett, owner since 2004 of Texas-based Austin City Homes. Straight from the drawing board, Fawcett comes out with amazingly fresh and unique designs for single family dwellings. He recently started using CUPACLAD system… and is ready to swear by it. “More and more designers and architects should be specifying CUPACLAD,” Fawcett declared.

This product line is underused in America. It’s easy to install and not surprisingly, clients love it. We’re planning on selecting it again for two or three new home designs in the very near future.

CUPACLAD slate facade systems enable the construction of efficient, sustainable rainscreen cladding. A lifecycle analysis, which allows you to analyze the overall environmental impact of a product, confirms CUPACLAD as the ecological option for facade cladding, mainly due to the use of natural slate instead of other inferior prefabricated products.

Used since ancient times, natural slate is long–lasting, remarkably durable, fire resistant and naturally waterproof. And, because CUPACLAD materials’ aesthetic and technical properties cannot be altered, the material’s elegance and character last much, much longer than any man-made alternatives. Each slate is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen; no additional treatment is required.

Natural slate is only subject to extraction and mechanical transformation. Unlike man-made materials, there are no chemical or heating processes involving slate. The low impact processing and unparalleled durability of natural slate result in an extremely low carbon footprint. Characterized by its natural color and individual texture, natural slate is a material that can enhance the value and beauty of any property.

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Fawcett added:

As a business owner within the construction sector, it’s my responsibility to check out new and exciting products on a regular basis. I found out that CUPACLAD is relatively new to North America; but has been used as a staple product for building facades for decades in Europe and Scandinavia (in particular, in Denmark).

I am not surprised. As a designer of custom homes, I always am looking for the right new products that perform. Sustainable CUPACLAD clearly will be on my list for a long time to come!