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Located between 650 and 750 metres above sea level, the village of Bilhères en Ossau (France) dominates the surrounding landscape. The area has seen an influx of residents from other towns, keen to build modern houses that can make the most of the breathtakingly beautiful views of the nearby valley and mountains. This bioclimatic house is […]
THERMOSLATE® is the only solar thermal collector in natural slate that can produce heating and hot water without giving up to a natural elegance and contemporary design. Once the installation is complete, this system is undetectable. That’s why we say it’s an invisible solar roof in natural slate! THERMOSLATE® takes advantage of the roofing slate […]
With the latest solutions in solar panels, and the energy prices constantly increasing, it seems to be the best time to consider solar thermal panels. Find out here some more reasons! WHY SOLAR THERMAL? Find out here some more reasons! Solar thermal energy is the use of solar energy to produce heat. It uses the […]
This family home located in the French Pyrenees has reduced its heating and hot water bills by more than 60% with our solar thermal system THERMOSLATE®. THE SOLAR SLATE ROOF THAT SAVES YOU MONEY This dwelling is located in Gaillagos, in a unique natural environment. Our solar thermal system THERMOSLATE® has been installed over its […]

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Are you planning to install a solar thermal system? If so, you don’t need to give up the elegant look of your natural slate roof anymore. Our solar thermal panels THERMOSLATE® integrate so perfectly in any slate roof that we will have to point them out for you to see them! HOW MANY PANELS SHOULD […]
THERMOSLATE®  is the first and only natural slate solar thermal collector combining aesthetic architectural design with energy efficiency and almost zero maintenance. It is seamlessly integrated into any façade or slate roof and produces energy for heating and DHW (domestic hot water). THERMOSLATE® provides the greatest energy efficiency with a maximum operating temperature of 95º, […]
Have you ever considered moving towards renewable energies but you don’t want to change the elegant look of your home? Solar thermal system provides significant environmental advantages such as making an effective contribution in preserving our energy reserves and protection by reducing CO2 emissions. Solar panels are big, unsightly and often slapped onto roofs as an […]
This family house, located in Chailland (France), has reduced up to 55% its annual energy bills thanks to THERMOSLATE®! Our solar collector in natural slate covers this family needs for hot water while enhancing the aesthetics and efficiency of their home. ENERGY IN NATURAL SLATE Five solar collectors over a total surface of 6.45 square […]
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