12 Amazing places you should visit this summer

Summer is already here and we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to recommend you some of the best places to visit these holidays.

And what’s so special about them? They all have a unique beauty, something that makes them unmistakable and inimitable. Do you want to know what it is? Don’t miss these top 12 monuments around the world. 

  1. Tokyo Station (Japan)

    This railway station is located in the Marunouchi financial district in Chiyoda , Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace and the Ginza shopping district. The original building was inaugurated in 1914, although it was quite affected during the bombing at the end of World War II so it was rebuilt after the war. 

    If you pass by there, don’t leave without having a look at its CUPA 10 natural slate roof: around 300,000 slates were needed to cover the Emperor Pavilion!

    estacion central de tokyo

  2. Lourdes Rosary Basilica (France)

    It is located in the heart of Lourdes Sanctuaries and it is one of the most important pilgrimage centers. Built between 1866 and 1871 in a Gothic style, its structure consists of a main nave and several side chapels. 

    Have you seen its roof? It is a CUPA 5 Pyrenean natural slate roof.

    basilica de Lourdes

  3. Van Ordingen Castle  (Belgium)

    This castle in Limbourg (Belgium) was built around the twelfth century. Recently, the castle has been restored and the current owner has turned it into a hotel complex.

    In order to recover its original look, the roofs feature our CUPA 4 natural slate. 

    castillo van ordingen

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  4. Almudena’s Cathedral (Spain)

    Located downtown Madrid, it is dedicated to the patroness saint of the city. Construction began in 1883, driven by architect Francisco de Cubas.

    Now it has become an architectural icon combining a neoclassical style with the elegance of a CUPA 5 natural slate roof.

    catedral de la almudena

  5. Echternach Lyceum (Luxembourg)

    It is secondary school in Echternach, built during the Middle Ages but retaining an abbey of great historical value.

    Nevertheless, due to the passage of time, its 20,000 square meters roofs needed to be restored with our natural slate CUPA 5: around 225,000 slates were placed! Certainly a unique and major work.

    Liceo de Echternach

  6. Lough Erne Resort (Northern Ireland)

    It is an exclusive resort with two golf courses and spa, located in a unique setting, on a hill overlooking Lake Hume Castle. It has 25 cottages that reflect the architectural style of medieval monastic area. 

    In order to enhance the beauty of this privilege place, our natural slate has been placed on the roofs of each house.

    Resort Lough Erne

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  7. Copenhagen Central Station  (Denmark)

    It is the main train station in Copenhagen and the largest one in Denmark. It was built in 1911, although the building we know today is actually the third one built in the same location (the structure was wooden).

    Nowadays it has an interesting combination of styles and its roof features CUPA 12 natural slate.

    estacion central copenhage

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  8. Metropolis Building (Spain) 

    The Metropolis building is a famous property located downtown madrid, in Alcala street corner with Gran Vía. It was inaugurated on January 21, 1911, French-inspired. 

    The circular tower is topped by a dome of CUPA 5 natural slate inlaid with gold. If you pass by Madrid, you cannot miss this iconic building of the city.

    edificio metropolis

  9. Notre Dame Seminary 

    Founded in 1923, Notre Dame Seminary is a theological school-residence. It is located in New Orleans (Louisiana) and includes an elegant stately appearance.

    We only need to to look at its CUPA 14 natural slate roof, with a total surface of 9,500 m2!

    seminario de notre dame

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  10. Andrássy Castle  (Hungary) 

    It was built between 1880-1885 imitating their counterparts in the Loire Valley (France). Surrounded by the Tisza river as well as parks and gardens, the castle is open to visitors throughout the year, with exhibitions every few weeks.

    This palace recalls the passage of time throughout the year with 4 doors depicting the seasons, 12 towers representing the months of the year, 52 rooms that reference week and, of course, 365 windows.

    A place which is well worth visiting, and if you do, look at its impressive 2,500m2 foof, covered with our CUPA 5 natural slate.

    castillo de andrassy

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  11. Palacio de Aguas (Argentina)

    This is the most emblematic building in Buenos Aires, which has now become the National Historical Museum. A Victorian building with an imposing facade, all designed by the Norwegian architect Petrus Olaf Boye. 

    And guess what? Its roof has been renovated with our natural slate CUPA 6!

    palacio de aguas argentina

  12. Castillo de Rilly (Francia)

    Rilly Castle is located in a privileged location, between Reims and Epernay. It has been recently renovated to become a hotel and spa. An exclusive place in the heart of the Champagne region that will transport you through the years. 

    In order  to enhance its unique character, the castle was covered with our natural slate CUPA 10. A combination of elegance and tradition that does not go unnoticed!

    castillo de rilly


Our wide selection of slate allows architects and restorers to maintain the original appearance and personality of each country’s historic heritage. That’s the reason why our slates have been chosen to renovate some of the world’s most important monuments.

No matter your destination, you will always find an historic monument, or a home, or a contemporary building featuring CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate!

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