Cambridgeshire roofing company completes complex circular roof with CUPA PIZARRAS slate

Cambridgeshire circular roof

A specialist roofing contractor, covering the new-build and private residential markets, has used a selection of CUPA 12 slates from CUPA PIZARRAS to complete the roof of a distinctive circular property in Cambridgeshire.

Lander & Linsey Roofing spent six weeks on site at the home near Newton, working with local builder Offord & Camp, to create a striking single storey building which features an eyebrow within the 30º pitch, covering the main entrance. Cambridge based AJW Distribution was the roofing supplier through which all of the high quality, CUPA 12 natural slate was distributed.

Graham Linsey, a director of Lander & Linsey, explained:

This is quite a large residential building – some 12.5 metres in diameter – with the circular, 30 degree pitch meaning we had to cut every single slate. We started with 24 x 18 at the eaves, working up the roof with 20 x15 and then 24 x 12. Finally we finished using 20 x 10; cutting them down to about four inches in width at the top, and having to source composite tile battens to be able to bend them to the very tight radius. The finished result looks very good and the client is pleased.

Since we started our business in 2003, we have used CUPA PIZARRAS slate on a variety of mainly residential developments. They are high quality and relatively easy to cut so you do not suffer a lot of breakages or unnecessary wastage on a job like this.

Cambridgeshire house with slate roof

The Branch Manager at AJW Distribution, Daniel Griffiths, added:

We have been stocking CUPA PIZARRAS slate for a couple of years now and know we can rely on prompt deliveries as well as any technical assistance we need.  This job has used a wide variety of sizes and we were pleased to support Lander & Linsey as regular customers.

Cambridgeshire circular slate roof

Established in 1892, CUPA PIZARRAS has a long history of innovation and the company continues to invest heavily in both its production process and transportation to ensure its products are as sustainable as possible, while meeting all international standards. CUPA PIZARRAS is the only slate manufacturer that offers 100% product traceability with a unique barcode that allows every tile to be traced back to the source.