This kindergarten will become a sustainable reference thanks to THERMOSLATE®

slate solar collector in the roof of a kindergaten

This building, located in one of the most emblematic areas of Madrid, is about to become a reference childcare center that will use renewable energy.


Located in 15 Doctor Arce Street, in Madrid, the building is being renovated in order to become an innovative kindergarten including major energy improvements and significantly reducing both the annual gas consumption and CO2 emissions to the air.

The 12 THERMOSLATE® collectors installed on a total surface of 15m2 will generate energy enough to replace 891m3 of gas that this childcare center would consume annually on heating, hot water and pool heating.

The installation of THERMOSLATE®, combined with a 600L tank, will cover the warm water consumption forecast of approximately 520L.

In addition, the kindergarten will have a swimming pool with a total surface of 13m2 and a capacity of 20m3. During the bathing season, water will remain at an average temperature of 26 °C thanks to the energy generated by our solar thermal collectors.

Once finished the installation, our THERMOSLATE® collectors (THS.3222.S07 model) will be perfectly integrated on the roof, which is also being rehabilitated with our R selection of CUPA 10, 3.5mm thick and 32x22cm format.

natural slate roof detail


CUPA PIZARRAS’ commitment to the environment has led us to develop a system that uses renewable energy to promote a greener construction. In particular, this kindergarten will avoid the emission of 1885kg of CO2 per year.

You can also improve your home efficiency with THERMOSLATE®, the only solar thermal system combining sustainability and a perfect aesthetic integration on any natural slate roof.

Find out more about this solar thermal collector in our THERMOSLATE® brochure.

thermoslate solar roof kit