CUPACLAD® adds a touch of urban design to a youth housing project in Denmark

CUPACLADThe quality and beauty of CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate has led Kant Arkitekter to select it for Tandrupkollegieta modern youth housing located on Vanløse (Denmark).

The use of CUPACLAD®, our complete rainscreen cladding system in natural slate, adds a touch of urban design to this project, carried out between 2009 and 2012.


“We chose CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate because it looks great!”, says Anders Bay Holm and Uffe Bay-Smidt, co-directors of Kant Arkitekter.

The key concepts of the project design were based on “natural slate blocks with white balconies cut into the slate”. Sustainability and environment respect were specially important for Danish architects.

“We wanted to create a compact building using materials with a good life-cycle assessment”, they explain. In fact, the architects selected very specific materials such as CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, white expanded metal as railing and concrete balconies, following their decision to take a contemporary design.



CUPACLAD® covered the facade, with a total surface of 1.300 square meters, using an invisible fixing system. The slate was installed horizontally and it was fixed with two stainless steel screws. The heads of the screws are under the lap and remain invisible. CUPACLAD® solutions are lightweight, easy to install and they help to create a modern building appearance. In new constructions and in renovation works, CUPACLAD® systems can be adapted to every architectural design.

Tandrupkollegiet, which involved an investment of €1.7 million, was managed by Danish contractors Daurehøj Erhvervsbyg A/S. Behind the building, there are a sunny courtyard, a nice garden and a bicycle parking.

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You can check the project in Kant Arkitekter website.