Vermont Slate acquisition by the world leader in natural slate

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CUPA GROUP, the business group to which CUPA PIZARRAS (the world leader in natural slate) belongs, has just acquired Vermont Slate Company LLC, the largest importer of roofing slate in the US West Coast.


Vermont Slate Company LLC is formed by the merger of Black Diamond Slate, Vermont Slate Company and American Slate Co, and has a market share of more than 50% in the Southeast.

The purchase will be carried out in three phases – the first one has already taken effect – and its manager, Ken Rule, who until now owns 100% of the capital, will continue to lead the company.

CUPA GROUP CEO, Javier Fernández, has highlighted this new acquisition as

A strategic operation to strengthen the presence and future of CUPA PIZARRAS’ slate and CUPA GROUP in North America. In addition, this operation demonstrates the firm conviction that the US is and will be a strategic market for us. The purchase of Vermont Slate will help us expand our sales while introducing new products and applications in natural slate as CUPACLAD.

javier fernandez cupa group ceo


Vermont Slate Company enjoys better than a 50% market share in the Southeastern US and the West Coast. It is the largest importer of roofing slate in the US and has maintained an average growth of better than 14% per year across the US for the past decade.

Vermont Slate Company LLC is formed as a combination of three companies that have merged over the past decade, and now imports and distributes roofing slate products to all areas of the US including Hawaii and Alaska, exports to Canada and the Caribbean.

The company is maintaining inventory locations in Vermont, Baltimore, Savannah and California. It employees 15 in administration, sales and operations, and indirectly employs dozens more in sales, production and logistics.


To most consumers in the US, Spanish natural slate is viewed as the highest quality, longest lasting and most prestigious roofing material available. However, because of the unique nature of the material and the vast array of different roofing products available across the world, it can be complicated process to match the right products to the right projects. The extensive experience, knowledge and integrity of Vermont Slate Company makes this process easier and more affordable to all levels of the consumers.

Vermont Slate Company is able to offer its clients the most comprehensive product line in the business. This factor, combined with the collective experience of all the team members, gives Vermont Slate Company the ability to service the needs of the market at every level with unequaled customer support and integrity.

No matter whether the job is a 200 sq ft home addition matching 100 year old Vermont Slate or a 200,000 sq ft US military base such as Fort Belvoir supplied with CUPA PIZARRAS Spanish slate in the Washington DC area, Vermont Slate Company can and will provide the highest quality products at the best possible price, accompanied by the customer service and support needed in this unique and highly specialized market. 

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For CUPA PIZARRAS, the world leader in natural slate, this acquisition represents a unique opportunity to spread the quality and benefits of our natural slate throughout the world.

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