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Here you will find the most common questions related to natural slate and our selection of products.

Frequently asked questions

What does thermal solar energy consists of?

The thermal solar panels use solar radiation to produce energy which can be used to produce hot water, control swimming pool temperatures or central heating.

  • Thermal solar energy uses space more efficiently than photovoltaic energy.
  • The panels are smaller and have an average efficiency of over 70% compared to the 10-25% produced with photovoltaic.
  • It can generate hot water, control swimming pool temperature or central heating. It does not generate electricity.
  • It is not subject to special taxes.
Does THERMOSLATE produce electricity?

No, it doesn’t. THERMOSLATE is a thermal solar panel not photovoltaic. It generates energy to produce hot water, control swimming pool temperature or central heating.

Where can it THERMOSLATE be installed? What does the integration consist of?

THERMOSLATE panels can be installed on sloping or flat roofs as well as façades. The panels are always hidden and perfectly integrated with the natural slate. 

Can THERMOSLATE be installed on a roof which already has CUPA PIZARRAS slate on?

Yes. This is done by replacing part of the existing slate with the THERMOSLATE panels. However, to obtain a complete integration, we recommend you use CUPA PIZARRAS slate from the same quarry, format and thickness as the ones used for the panels. It should be installed with the exact same overlap between each piece.

Who is in charge of installing it?

THERMOSLATE panels should be installed by the slate roofer in charge of the project and a plumber will need to carry out a water tightness test to ensure the installation is working properly.

Can THERMOSLATE be installed with any slate or any other materials?

No, THERMOSLATE can only be installed with CUPA PIZARRAS slate and cannot be installed using any other materials.

Can THERMOSLATE be produced in any format? 

No, THERMOSLATE is only produced in a rectangular format. The following formations do not allow a complete integration or water tightness; Pico Pala, Redonda, Rombo, Granel, Media Luna and Shuppen.

Is THERMOSLATE compatible with other heating systems, radiators and brands and models of accumulators and pumps?
It’s compatible with underfloor heating systems or low temperature convectors (45º – 60º Celsius radiators). THERMOSLATE is compatible with any brand or model of accumulators and pumps in the market.

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