THERMOSLATE(TM) helps a family save annually up to 50% of energy consumption


THERMOSLATE™, the first natural slate solar panel, helps a family save annually up to 50% of energy consumption. Thanks to the natural slate‘s absorbing and diffusion properties, this familiar building located in Leicestershire (United Kingdom) in covered by 5 THERMOSLATE™ solar collectors which holds a roof area of 7,25 square meters.

Our natural slate solar panels fit in well with the rest of the roof covered by our CUPA 5, a dark grey slate with a riven surface, split to an average thickness of 4,75 mm. The collection used for this project is R Excellence, composed exclusively of slate easy and quick to lay with a highly regular thickness and great flatness. 

THERMOSLATE™ produces energy for DHW (domestic hot water) with a tank of 300 litres capacity and heating, achieves energy savings through its waterproofing system adapted to severe weather zones.



With THERMOSLATE™  you can recover the installation costs in a period of 3-5 years, due to a consistent performance throughout the year, without the drawbacks of overheating and maintenance.

Each THERMOSLATE™ panel weighs 24.5 kg, which reduces installation times and the final weight of the roof. 

These calculations were carried out by T*SOL Expert 4.5, the Simulation Programme for Solar Thermal Heating Systems. The results are determined by a mathematical model calculation with variable time steps of up to 6 minutes. Actual yields can deviate from these values due to fluctuations in climate, consumption and other factors.