ACTIVATE YOUR ROOF WITH A THERMOSLATE® SYSTEM, the solar slate that generates renewable, clean, environmentally-friendly energy.


THERMOSLATE® roof solar collectors are the only solar system to use the properties of natural slate, converting sunlight to energy to produce heating, hot water or for pool heating.

solar slate thermoslate


Full integration into any roof or cladding


Natural energy for domestic hot water and pool heating


With any storage and distribution system


Up to 2/3 of annual needs for hot water


Our range of THERMOSLATE solar slate panels can be adapted to all the construction systems and are completely undetectable once the installation is completed.

Select a surface and discover the THERMOSLATE panel which is best suited for your needs.


Our most innovative systems. Designed for natural slate roofs of >22º slope.

THERMOSLATE flat collector

Our flat collector is ideal for all types of natural slate flat roof, terraces or façades.

Contact our THERMOSLATE experts for help and guidance on your THERMOSLATE panels.

Bioclomatic house


Hot water cover rate

2 Tn

Emissions of CO2 avoided

3.500 kWh

Energy savings

La hacienda


Hot water cover rate

1,5 tn

Emissions of CO2 avoided


Diesel savings


Average temperature of the pool



The THERMOSLATE thermal solar panels include the latest innovative technologies for an exceptional performance.


Thanks to its modular installation, THERMOSLATE solar slate can be integrated quicker and more easily in any type of surface covered with natural slate.


Technical details, installation guides, product brochures and certifications can be found on our resource centre.

Solar slate

The main component of the collectors is natural slate, extracted directly from our quarries and specially selected to ensure perfect fit and performance.

Waterproofing, strength, durability, versatility, thermal inertia… These are some of the advantages that make slate an unbeatable material, reinvented as THERMOSLATE® to contribute to more natural use of solar thermal energy.

THERMOSLATE® solar slate enhances a building´s aesthetics and efficiency, is simple to install and involves practically no maintenance whatsoever.

natural slate detail
Thermoslate sustainability


1 m² of THERMOSLATE® prevents the emission of an average of 90 kg of Co2 automatically heats 50 litres of water per day.
Our THERMOSLATE® solar collectors provide over two thirds domestic hot water (DHW) and heating needs.
Utilising natural slate as its main component where the production process is completely environmentally friendly. An analysis of the product’s life cycle confirms natural slate as the most ecological option for roofs.

Catalogues and documentation

Download our brochures and documentation to find out more about our solar slate and its advantages.

General catalogue

Product documentation with all the information about systems, installation guide and projects.

Form to study

Sloped roof – form to study.

Form to study

Flat roof, terraces or façades – form to study

Solar slate

With a range suiting all construction systems, THERMOSLATE® solar collectors are completely undetectable once installation is complete. Moves towards sustainable architecture reaffirm the need to implement solutions such as THERMOSLATE®, which as well as improving the energy efficiency of your home, offers aesthetics that suit any architectural design.

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