As a pre-assembled natural slate roofing system, READYSLATE® keeps all the exceptional properties of natural slate, a material created by nature with unmatchable and unbeatable characteristics

Fast & easy lightweight roofing system

READYSLATE® is the first pre-assembled natural slate roofing system. Developed and patented by the world leaders in slate production.

READYSLATE® modules are composed of 6 high quality hand-quarried natural slates, mounted on a waterproofing bituminous membrane. Its modular design ensures complete waterproofing and seamless integration with any existing roof elements, becoming one of the best solutions for any kind of building covering, even low pitch roofs.

All the characteristics and benefits of READYSLATE® make it one of the most innovative roofing products in the market.

Patented Innovation

Innovative, simple, efficient and environmentally friendly: get to know READYSLATE, the patented natural slate roofing system.


READYSLATE® modules are lightweight and flexible without losing strength and resistance. It has been patented and designed to comply with any building or roofing legal weight requirements.

Easy to Install

READYSLATE® modules can be installed without highly skilled workers. Our designers have followed the DIY approach to make sure there is no need for specialized labour. At the same time, it is a faster and reliable alternative.


READYSLATE® modules are composed mainly by slate, the most resistant material used for roofing. Accordingly, it’s ready to last a lifetime. The natural beauty of this element cannot be achieved with artificial alternatives.

Increases home value

READYSLATE® patented modules provide considerable added value to any property. It is a good investment, as a good roof enhances your home’s curb appeal.

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*Study conducted by ADAPTA SG
Hand-split quarried natural slate
Extraordinary life expectancy
Fast, easy installation
Increases house value

Do-it-yourself approach

Faster and easier natural slate roofing: 4 step installation that requires neither skilled labour nor specialized machinery.


READYSLATE® is easily installed with nails. All individual slate tiles are predrilled to simplify the installation process. Once fitted, peel back the protective film.


READYSLATE® modular design makes laying slate
tiles a breeze. Aligning modules is even easier;
just cover the spare area on the waterproof sheet.


READYSLATE® slate tiles are marked with an overlapping line to ensure all modules are easily and correctly laid.


Repeat, easily adapting modules to any roof element, to complete your own waterproof, resistant and eco-friendly natural slate roof.

* Please consult our step-by-step installation instructions for more information.

Readyslate Modules

READYSLATE patented modules are composed of two layers


Panel2-layer construction1300 x 330
Toplayer6 x natural slates300 x 200
BottomlayerWaterproofing membrane-
Natural slateTectonic natural slate∅3mm predrilled holes


As a pre-assembled natural slate roofing system, READYSLATE® keeps all the exceptional properties of natural slate, a material created by nature with unmatchable and unbeatable characteristics.

There are many benefits in using natural building materials, both in the short and the long term. No other artificial alternatives could compare with slate, a product which has been molded by nature for over 500 million years.

Using READYSLATE® instead of other artificial roofing materials reduces the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere and saves a huge amount of electricity.


Natural slate is a longevity, high strength, weatherproof and fire resistant natural material which holds natural beauty and remains unchanged over time in terms of both aesthetics and performance. Furthermore, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
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Our 100% natural slate is split by hand and uses no additional chemicals. Unlike fabricated products, natural slate is only subjected to extraction and working processes which combined with its unmatchable durability, makes it an sustainable material with low environmental impact.


Characterized by its natural sheen and incomparable texture, natural slate is a noble, elegant, personality-packed material, bringing prestige to the surfaces where it is used. Each natural slate extracted is unique, it gives projects an incomparable appearance of which doesn’t change over time.


Download our brochure and installation guide to find out more about Readyslate and its advantages.

Readyslate catalogue

Product information brochure.

Installation guide

Step by step installation instructions.

Project gallery

Here are some real examples of what can be achieved with Readyslate.


Watch our installation videos to verify how easy and fast it is to install Readyslate.
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