Readyslate provides the beauty and durability of REAL slate in a system that meets lightweight residential weight requirements.

An innovative system for real slate

READYSLATE® is the first pre-assembled real slate roofing system, developed and patented by the world leaders in slate production.

READYSLATE® panels are composed of 6 high quality, hand-quarried pieces of natural slate, mounted on a SBS waterproof backer. Its modular design ensures complete waterproofing and seamless integration with any existing roof elements, even low pitch roofs.

All the characteristics and benefits of READYSLATE® make it one of the most innovative roofing products in the market.

Real Slate, Real Simple

The real slate roofing system: innovative, simple, efficient & eco-friendly.


READYSLATE® panels are lightweight without losing strength and resistance. It has been patented and designed to comply with most codes and roofing weight requirements.

Easy to Install

READYSLATE® can be installed without specific traditional slate knowledge. Its design ensures there is no need for extensive slate experience, reducing the installation cost.

slate quality


READYSLATE® panels are covered with real slate, the most resistant material used for roofing. Thus, it has received a Class-4 impact resistance rating, the highest rating available.

increases home value

Increases home value

READYSLATE® patented system provides considerable added value to any property. Incorporating real slate to your home increases the roof’s lifespan and enhances curb appeal.

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*Study conducted by ADAPTA SG
Hand-split quarried slates
Extraordinary life expectancy
Fast, easy installation
Increases house value

Simple installation method

Faster and easier real slate roofing: 4 step installation that requires neither specific traditional slate knowledge nor specialized accessories.


readyslate installation step 1

Lay the first READYSLATE® panel down and nail each piece of slate using the pre-punched holes provided. Once fitted, peel back the protective film.


READYSLATE® modular design makes laying slate tiles a breeze. Aligning panels is even easier; just cover the waterproof sheet area at the right.


readyslate installation-step 3

Start the second course by a half piece of slate. All READYSLATE® modules are marked with an overlapping line to ensure all modules are correctly laid.


readyslate installation step 4

Repeat, easily adapting panels to any roof element, to complete your own waterproof, resistant and eco-friendly real slate roof.

* Please consult our step-by-step installation instructions for more information.

Readyslate panels

readyslate module roofing system

READYSLATE® patented panels are composed of two layers:


Module2-layer construction51.2" x 13"
ToplayerReal Slate12" x 8"
BottomlayerSBS Waterproof backing-
Natural slateTectonic Spanish Slate∅5/32” predrilled holes
Weight5.4 lbs/sqft72 lbs/box


As a pre-assembled natural slate roofing system, READYSLATE® keeps all the exceptional properties of real slate, a material created by nature with unmatchable and unbeatable characteristics.

READYSLATE® is manufactured by CUPA PIZARRAS, officially a carbon-neutral company, thanks to our commitment to the environment during every stage of the production processes with these procedures certified by the highest international standards.

READYSLATE® is covered with slate, a natural material with the lowest carbon footprint throughout its life cycle. As during its transformation process it requires less water, consumes less energy and pollutes much less than any other alternative.

readyslate sustainability
readyslate real slate roofing system


Natural slate is a long-lasting, high strength, weatherproof and fire-resistant material which remains unchanged over time in terms of both aesthetics and performance. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions including high velocity hurricanes.

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Our 100% natural slate is split by hand and uses no additional chemicals. Unlike fabricated products, real slate is only subjected to extraction making it a sustainable material with low environmental impact.


The natural sheen and incomparable texture provided only by real slate showcases the elegance and personality of the product. Each piece of slate extracted is unique and gives projects an incomparable appearance which doesn’t change over time.


Download our brochure and installation guide to find out more about Readyslate and its advantages.


Product information brochure.

Installation Guide

Step by step installation instructions.

Guía de instalación (Español)

Instrucciones de instalación paso a paso.


Readyslate Roofing System backed by our Lifetime Limited warranty.


Watch our installation videos to see for yourself how easy and fast it is to install Readyslate.

readyslate installation video
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Installation video

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