READYSLATE is a pre-assembled natural slate roofing system specially designed to save labor and installation time.

How to Install Readyslate

READYSLATE reinvents the installation of natural slate roofing. Its modules are composed of 6 high quality hand-quarried natural slates ready to be installed without any further treatment or preparation.

You only need regular roofing tools like hammer, nails and your standards safety measures- and follow our easy and intuitive installation process.  

Installation guide

Download quick and easy installation instructions to guide you through the process

Your roof in 4 easy steps

READYSLATE modules can be installed easily following a quick and simple four-step process


readyslate installation step 4

READYSLATE® is easily installed with nails. All individual slate tiles are predrilled to simplify the installation process. Once fitted, peel back the protective film.


readyslate installation step 4

READYSLATE® modular design makes laying slate
tiles a breeze. Aligning modules is even easier;
just cover the spare area on the waterproof sheet.


readyslate installation step 3

READYSLATE® slate tiles are marked with an overlapping line to ensure all modules are easily and correctly laid.


readyslate installation step 4

Repeat, easily adapting modules to any roof element, to complete your own waterproof, resistant and eco-friendly natural slate roof.

* Please consult our step-by-step installation instructions for more information.

Installation videos

Watch our installation videos to verify how easy and fast it is to install Readyslate.
ready slate installation
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Installation video

Video tutorial to show you how to install Readyslate.

roofing system readyslate 3d installation
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3D Animated video

3D animated product installation video.

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Other detailed videos

Watch our installation videos to verify how easy and fast it is to install Readyslate.

Substructure requirements

substructure requirements

substructure requirements
Play Video about substructure requirements


eaves roof detail

Play Video about eaves

Vent Eaves & Gutter

vent eaves

Vent Eaves & Gutter
Play Video about Vent Eaves & Gutter

Dry verge

dry verge

dry verge
Play Video about dry verge

Open valley

open valley roof

Play Video about open valley

Starting the first row

starting the first row

first row
Play Video about first row

Panels installation

panels installation

panels installation
Play Video about panels installation

Step flashing

step flashing

step flashing
Play Video about step flashing

Roof window integration

roof window integration

roof window integration
Play Video about roof window integration

Chimney Integration

chimney integration

chimney integration
Play Video about chimney integration

Ridge application


Play Video about ridge application

Vented ridge

vented ridge

Play Video about vented ridge

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