CUPA PIZARRAS has been a pioneer in establishing systems for controlling, analysing and selecting natural slate since 1892.

Integrated management system policy

CUPA PIZARRAS (CUPA PIZARRAS, S.A.) focuses its activity on the commercialization of natural slate products for roofs and facades.

Since 1892, CUPA PIZARRAS has developed the implementation of the systems of control, analysis, and selection of natural slate, always commensurate with the needs of its customers and offering a traceable system which monitors the whole process, guaranteeing a differential value: the quality of the products.

The environmental commitment of CUPA PIZARRAS is evident in the products that we market through the innovative solutions we have implemented, and which are characterized by a clear focus aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, using it for the distribution of our products means of transport, such as shipping which is cleaner and more efficient.

Thanks to our strong commitment to product quality and environment protection, CUPA PIZARRAS has gained the trust of thousands of architects, installers and customers who have reaffirmed our position as a world leader in the sector of natural slate.

For these reasons CUPA PIZARRAS has opted for a management model based on UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards, and is based on the following guidelines which is the foundation of our objectives and goals:

  • Customers are our reason for being, so we must know them, detect their needs and satisfy them, thanks to a direct contact that allows us to evaluate their perception of our products and to be able to improve them continuously;
  • Provide our services with the highest levels of pollution prevention;
  • Comply with the legal and contractual requirements applicable to our activity;
  • Include new technology in the commercialization of our products;
  • Provide a homogeneous service and systematize the processes and methodologies of action;
  • Foster internal communication in order to promote a participatory environment among our workers and involve them in achieving the quality and environmental objectives;
  • Promote training at all levels to obtain qualified and professional staff;
  • Strengthen relationships with key suppliers in order to cooperate mutually;
  • Protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development, guaranteeing the prevention and minimization of any kind of impacts that could be caused by our activities,
  • Manage energy to ensure continuous improvements of energy performance.
  • Consider continuous improvements of quality and the environment as a permanent objective, which increases the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.

The Integrated Management System policy is disseminated to all staff through training seminars. In addition, it is available in the common areas of the CUPA PIZARRAS and on the organisation’s website. By doing this, the Management of CUPA PIZARRAS ensures that the policy is available to all interested parties, workers, customers, and the general public.

Eduardo Mera
General Director of CUPA PIZARRAS