Winners of the Best of the Best 2023 contest visit our quarries

The three roofers of the French roofing company ‘Ardesia Couverture’ visited our head office as part of the prize for winning our Best of the Best 2023 social media video contest.

ardesia couverture ganadores best 2023

During the day, they visited the Las Arcas quarry, where the first production stage of CUPA 10 natural slate takes place, which is highly popular in France.

This followed by witnessing firsthand the precision and care with which we transform the slate in our production plants before packaging the final product which is then installed on the roofs in France.

They have also received the Best of the Best 2023 trophy, they won the French vote on our blog and prevailed over the rest of the countries on Instagram. This was the video which they won over our followers:


Do you want to be the winner of 2024? We are preparing some extra surprises for this year’s edition. As usual, we will have a first round by countries in which you, our followers, will choose your favorites.

However, it will be a jury composed of renowned figures from the world of natural slate who will decide who the final winner is. Your know-how and skills will be more important than ever!

In addition to the traditional trip to La Medua to receive the trophy and visit our quarries, there will be an additional prize that will delight football fans the most. Dare to imagine what it could be?

In this new edition, we will maintain the format of the videos that you have to send us to participate. As always, the only condition is that they showcase and highlight our natural slate: from footage of a finished project to a special installation, let your imagination run wild!

In a few weeks, we will officially open the process, but if you have any questions, you can write to

Best of the Best Awards

  • 2021 – Best project: Impulso Verde (Spain)
    2021 – Best installer: Luc Van Steertegem (Belgium)
  • 2022 – Compass Roofing (United Kingdom)
  • 2023 – Ardesia Couverture (France)