Taylor Maxwell becomes the exclusive distributor of CUPACLAD in the UK

CUPACLAD, the natural slate rainscreen cladding system by CUPA PIZARRAS, will be distributed in the United Kingdom exclusively by Taylor Maxwell. Through this partnership, the two teams will collaborate to promote the most sustainable, efficient, and modern cladding solution.

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Specifiers and developers will be able to view CUPACLAD installations at Taylor Maxwell’s showrooms in London Bridge, Birmingham, and Glasgow, where they can benefit from first-hand support and installation advice given by specialists with several years’ knowledge and experience in the industry.

Steven Pearson, Country Director at CUPA PIZARRAS, said:

There is a growing emphasis for using natural and sustainable products in construction. As such, partnering with Taylor Maxwell now provides an ideal platform to increase the visibility and access to our CUPACLAD cladding range, which is already contributing to many projects in the UK with an eco-focus

CUPACLAD is a BBA approved natural slate rainscreen cladding that is non-combustible, highly durable, environmentally friendly and easy to install. The system offers a range of cladding designs, from traditional to contemporary, providing the ideal solution for any individual project.

Robbie Thompson Marketing & Business Development Director at Taylor Maxwell commented:

Taylor Maxwell has a long trading history with the CUPA GROUP and is already an exclusive supplier of CUPASTONE’s STONEPANEL™ cladding system. Adding CUPACLAD to our range is a great opportunity for us to provide our customers with a natural and sustainable façade option for their projects

CUPACLAD natural slate is specially selected from among CUPA PIZARRAS’ 16 quarries in Spain for its technical properties and is subjected to specific quality controls to guarantee exceptional performance in any facade.

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CUPACLAD has developed a comprehensive suite of systems offering visible and invisible fixings under CUPACLAD 101 and 201. The variety of CUPACLAD designs and styles means it can be adapted to any individual project.

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