Eight TikTok accounts for architecture lovers

tiktok architecture accounts

Are you one of the more than 1 billion TikTok users? If you have fallen in love with this platform and architecture is one of your passions, we have good news for you: TikTok is full of videos you’ll love.

On TikTok you can enjoy and learn plenty of curiosities and stories in a fun way. Without getting up from the sofa you can travel and visit the most iconic buildings on the planet or discover new design ideas.

To avoid getting lost in the algorithm, we have compiled some of the best accounts in this article that will make you spend hours and hours jumping from one video to the next.

  1. Archdaily (27K) – @archdaily_

    The TikTok account of ArchDaily, the world’s most visited architecture website. The best possible place if you want to keep up with the latest news and trends.

  2. Architect Russell (421K) – @architectrussell

    Russell is a practising architect who shares knowledge and tips in a light-hearted style. We get to visit the buildings he is working on or sneak into one of his classes.

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  3. Architecture Freak (42K) – @architecture.freak

    An architecture student that shares her daily life with us. From a lot of entertaining personal anecdotes to the architectural basics we should all know, a real must follow.

  4. Architect Culture (284K) – @architectculture

    An insightful compilation of some of the best and most original houses from all around the world. Some of them will be familiar to you but you probably didn’t know the architectural secrets they had to offer.

  5. Ariel Viera (693K) – @arielviera

    He tells many anecdotes about fascinating places, mostly in the United States. Immerse yourself in the world of awe-inspiring structures and iconic landmarks.

  6. Architectural Designs (2.1M) – @architectural_designs

    Digital interior design. Looking for ideas to spruce up that room you never use? This is your place. If you’re a fan of ‘The Sims’, you’ll enjoy it twice as much.

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  7. Compass Roofing (47K) – @compassroofingltd

    A roofing company based in Edinburgh. Mostly videos about natural slate installation, including tips and everything you need to know about how to correctly install slate on a roof.

  8. CUPA PIZARRAS – @cupapizarras

    Speaking about natural slate, the best roofing and façade material known to man. World leader in the field shares stories, from its extraction in the quarries of northwest Spain to its installation.