CUPACLAD Design Waterfall: When dynamism and efficiency flow together

cupaclad design waterfall

Waterfall is the new design concept of the CUPACLAD Design series. The hypnotic yet random design of the slate formats can add modern touch to any façade.

Our natural slate experts and design team have risen the curtain to reveal the latest composition. In contrast to the previous designs, the natural slate is orientated vertically to create an optical illusion of cascading water. The natural slate element adds a cool dark aesthetic whilst the Waterfall composition creates the captivating illusion of movement.

The striking aesthetic of the CUPACLAD Design series is making its way in the rainscreen cladding world. In addition, these innovative design concepts are completely customisable. If you have a great idea but you’re not sure how to execute it, do not worry, we can help you make it a reality!

Technical details

In the Waterfall design, the slates used are three different sizes (50×25, 50×20, 50×15) and are installed vertically with self-drilling stainless steel screws which remain totally concealed. This system has been tested and verified by our engineers to ensure a perfect finish whilst simultaneously minimising the installation time.

technical details-cupaclad design waterfall

50×25, 50×20 y 50×15 Rectangular 7,65 mm
±15 units/m² ≤30 kg/m² 2 stainless steel screws


What’s more, rainscreen cladding systems are the most efficient cladding system available and have become popular due to its unbeatable energy performance.

The reflection of the light through the day on the three different slate sizes creates the illusion that the building is never the same. Furthermore, you can play with other construction elements and materials along the façade, adding colour and texture through diverse materials.

Do you dare to immerse yourself in the natural slate rainscreen cladding world? Waterfall can enhance every kind of project, whether you are either thinking about a detached house or a multi-purpose building.

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