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CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate was the perfect choice for roofing rehabilitation to this French style building in Østerbrogade, one of the main shopping streets in Copenhagen (Denmark). The mansard roof was renovated with CUPA 12, a dark grey slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface. 
Natural slate matches the surrounding natural environment in a one-story house built in Otake (Narita-shi, Chiba-ken). Our blue black slate CUPA 10 30×20, Range R, was chosen for this traditional Japanese project, called ‘Gakushuin shoto-ka Seido’.
CUPACLAD, a ventilated façade system with CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate, has renovated Fælledgården care centre, located in Copenhagen (Denmark). These 193 assisted living facilities are an excelent sample of sustainable architecture, converted to a low energy building in accordance to the Danish Building Regulations BR10. The existing dwelling house was transformed by a highly insulated building envelope clad […]
Natural slate breathes new life into the roof of an old building in Frederiksberg, a district of Copenhagen (Denmark). Our dark grey slate with thin laminations and a smooth surface renovates the existing roofing of this house, dated 1896 and located at Madvigs Allé, 10. 

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THERMOSLATE, the first natural slate solar panel, helps a family save annually up to 50% of energy consumption. Thanks to the natural slate‘s absorbing and diffusion properties, this familiar building located in Leicestershire (United Kingdom) in covered by 5 THERMOSLATE solar collectors which holds a roof area of 7,25 square meters. Our natural slate solar panels fit in well with the rest of the […]
CUPA PIZARRAS features a wide range of natural slate from our different quarries, available in multiple shapes and sizes. The quality of our Selections ‘R‘, ‘H‘, ‘Natural‘ and ‘Heavy‘ is guaranteed by the strict control applied to the entire slate production process, from extraction to processing at the plant.
Natural slate is one of the most versatile roofing products used in architectural design and for the creation of ambiences. Sophistication, resistance and durability give the surface involved a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life. Present throughout the history of mankind, natural slate is a classic and irreplaceable element on the roofs and […]
The installation of a natural slate roof depends on the slate type, the style and the design. Slates are supplied in pallets and stacked on their long side. Once removed from their pallets, slates need to be graded and sorted into three or four thicknesses. There are two methods of fixing natural roofing slates: nailing and hook fixing. FIXING WITH NAILS Once slates have […]

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